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portable cutting torch

By using JP-8, the most readily avaliable fuel for military and NATO units, Petrogen provides the safest, most powerful, and easily portable solution for cutting steel....    Read More


peronal protective equiptment

Over 3,000 fire departments and search and rescue teams around the globe rely on Petrogen to help free victims in need. Designed by experienced....   Read More


metal cutting

When other steel cutting systems can’t tackle the job, Petrogen can!  Petrogen systems cut up to 14 inches of painted, rusted, concrete backed steel....       Read More


Steel is no obstacle for the power of Petrogen.

With a Petrogen oxy-gasoline cutting system, nothing stands between you and a job well done. Our safe, powerful technology gives laborers, soldiers, and search and rescue teams the tools they need to successfully overcome even the most formidable obstacles. Whether slicing through chain link fences, rebar, or dismantling an entire industrial complex, Petrogen is the ultimate solution for your steel cutting needs.