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Cutting System Products

For every steel cutting problem… Petrogen is the solution.

Petrogen products are the key to your success. No matter what steel-cutting problem you encounter, Petrogen has the solution to get your job done right. We invent, design, and construct high quality cutting systems at our Colorado Springs manufacturing facility. Our products are engineered to offer a wide variety of versatility. With the interchangeable design of our cutting system, Petrogen parts can be used in whatever torch, tip, and tank configuration is required to meet your steel cutting needs. Our cutting systems are easily able to successfully adapt to your ever changing needs.

Thanks to our truly revolutionary technology, Petrogen torches provide a safe and powerful cutting option for an already dangerous work environment. Our proven technology offers countless advantages over competitive oxy-fuel systems. Petrogen is…

  • Increased Safety- No vapor in fuel line = No possibility of fuel line back flash
  • Incredible Performance - Oxy-gasoline flame = Faster, more precise cuts with no residual slag
  • Environmentally Friendly - Highly-oxidizing gasoline flame = Fewer airborne contaminants
  • More Economic - Gasoline vs. acetylene = Fuel and oxygen savings
  • Easily Portable - Lighter fuel = Portable tank
  • Readily Available - Standard gasoline = Fuel availability anytime, anywhere

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Complete Package 100 Series
The Petrogen Complete Package 100 Series offers an all-inclusive cutting package. This system is a serious workhorse for cutting steel. The 100 Series includes a 20in torch with 900 head, 2.5-gallon fuel tank, 2 hoses, 12 cutting tips, oxygen regulator, handcart, parts kit, and tool kit. Training DVD and reference manual come standard with all units

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Economy Package 200 Series

This Economy Package 200 Series contains a 20in cutting torch with a 900 head, 2.5-gallon Gasoline fuel tank, 2 cutting tips, 2 hoses, parts kit, and tool kit. The 200 series does not include an oxygen regulator.



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 Heavy Rescue Unit
Ideal for Search and Rescue Teams, the Heavy Rescue Unit features a 27-inch torch and 50-foot hoses. This system is highly recommended for prolonged steel cutting in structural collapse conditions.



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  Portable Cutting System (PCS)
This convenient, portable backpack unit comes complete with a 1.5-quart fuel tank and oxygen cylinder, and cuts steel for up to 20 minutes with oxygen on board. When it comes to combining cutting power with ease in portability, the Petrogen PCS has you covered.


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Search and Rescue System (SAR)
The SAR System is ideal for use in heavy operations conducted in remote locations. This system is a compact and rugged device created for any Search & Rescue team, rescue vehicle or cutting professional.