We Want to Know Your Story

11/02/11 at 09:15 AM

We want know your story

Here at Petrogen the best part of our day is hearing about where and how our torches are being used, and who is using them.  We are always interested in learning about our customers.  We want to know about your hobbies and your businesses, your difficulties overcome and your successes.  Do you have any special projects going on?  Are there incredible cuts being accomplished?  Maybe you have new techniques to share or innovative ideas yet to be put into practice.  Whatever you may be doing we are eager to know about it.

Please tell us your story.  Even better, show us!  This is a brand new website with lots of space set aside for you.  Send us pictures and videos of what you are cutting; of training you have been a part of, of you standing proudly beside your completed project. 

This is a call out to all of our customers!  Whether you are from the fire and rescue industry, a scrapper, a member of the armed forces, farmer, or even hobbyist, we are proud to have you and want you to be represented on our website.  Lend us your pictures and videos and tell us the stories behind them.  Show us your impossible cuts, your dismantled train cars, your scrap piles and especially yourselves!